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A white christmas tree with coloured baubles, Jody Pineholm, Medium
Photo by author December 2021 — Tree placed by Moms Stop The Harm

In 2020, in the United States, 93,000 people died from drug harms.

In 2016, Canada declared opioid use a public health emergency. Since then, more than 22,000 people have died from tainted drugs.

Most of these people were young adults who used drugs for a variety of reasons. Some suffered…

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In 1986, I wrote an article about food banks that was published in the newsletter of an anti-poverty group. The views were mine alone, although I was a board member of the organization. When I wrote it, I was a single parent with three children and a job that paid…

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Recently, a work-related accident in a city near me killed several people. Within 24 hours, four of the affected families had set up fundraising campaigns to help with expenses. Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with this? I am suspicious when a fundraiser is set up before the…

Our family lived on a quiet street in 1958. It was all single family houses on that block, and most of the houses had been built in pieces. Sometimes, the basement was poured and finished, and the family lived in the basement while completing the rest of the house. As…

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So it’s Thursday morning, about 9:30. Walmart’s not too busy, I’ve just had my coffee in the in-store McDonald’s and I’m picking up a few things before I head home. One of the items I need is club soda, and the 2-litre bottles are on the top shelf. As I…

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I thought I did everything right. As soon as the vaccines were available, I signed up, lined up, and sat at home for two weeks before I went out. I was bulletproof, I thought.

I wore masks when I picked up take-out, because that’s what was required. I put off…

Jody Pineholm

I’ve learned a few things. Reading is a great teacher, song lyrics rule, and poverty’s a bitch.

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